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My first CD, ‘Blessed by an Angel’ in 1999, really tidied up and put together thirty years of past song writing, closing the door on a chapter of my life. Once it was published I felt free to pursue my real inspirations within Northumberland, the beginnings of which are shown in Northumbria’s Pride (2000) and Walk With Me (2001).

Streams Of Life
In particular Holy Island has been a special place and it is hard to express it in a song, but I always look forward to its special atmosphere.

Pools Of Light
Streams of Life (2003) and Pools of Light (2004) compliment this series of CD’s.

Walk With Me
Both Northumbria’s Pride and Walk With Me are moving towards the special completeness within song writing that musicians look for. I am now more comfortable within my guitar style and feel that the closeness to this land, its stones and heritage comes through.

In The Blood
In the Blood features songs and tales by Northumbrian author and storyteller David Adam and is a departure into folklore. It also features two songs by my sister, a poet and songwriter.

Border Lines
Border Lines is my latest CD, which I brought out in the summer of 2012. The songs are a reflection of Northern Heritage – a contemporary take on the past, and some of the people who lived and worked through those hard times.
These CDs are currently available to purchase in my online shop using the button on the above menu.