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My sincere thanks to the following who helped make all of this possible:

My Parents and Family

Images: Christophe Chevaugeon at www.Frogfoto.com, Tina Meikle, andy@angelpeake.net

Ally Lee at Mill Studios for his advice and musical input – brilliant as ever

Maurice Elstub for accordion

RL Guitars for being there

Anna Raine for harmony work. See Ancient Paths by Anna – what a wonderful voice!

Theresa Tomlinson for the use of her rhyme in her atmospheric book “Flither Pickers” as a chorus for the song of the same name

David Adam for his support and thoughtful commentary on the songs – making them relevant to the past

Mick Gray at www.bunnyboard.org for the website design

Northumberland authors past and present for their continued inspiration in the writing of my songs

The Frank Meadow Sutcliffe Gallery, Whitby

Mary Walker for a listening ear and encouragement

Charlotte and Yeverin for their patience and epic endurance through all the stuff!

Many other friends and supporters too numerous to mention