Hello, I’m Andrew Lobb!


pic3Well here we all are, well into the 21st Century. Who would think that an ageing Hippie would still be writing songs after all these years? Well, not me for one.

All those years spent in folk and music clubs in the late 1960’s must have worked. Years growing up listening to guitarists trying to work out how they did it, and all before YouTube.

Life changing experiences such as sitting on Desolation Hill in 1970 soaking up Jimmy Hendrix although I have to admit I was so knackered I fell asleep half way through. Thumbing lifts from Portsmouth into London to see Canned Heat. Then being evicted out of a comfortable tree in Hyde Park the night before. Luckily in the underground there there was already a music scene going on. But the man on the day for me was John Sebastian – you remember, ‘What a Day for a Daydream’ and Nashville Cats.’

And I thought ‘I want to do that’ – one man one guitar,’ painting pictures in song and voice.

And not forgetting The Railway Hotel Folk Club in Portsmouth with its back room for singers and guitarists where you could ask, “How do you do that?” and then spend hours trying to learn a new finger picking skill.

Well I hope it’s all paid off and seven CDs later I’m still writing new songs and learning new skills. Admittedly, the old voice has dropped from tenor to baritone and the fingers are getting a little arthritic but the song goes on and on and on.