Andrew’s New Album: On A Day Like Today – Available Now!


Andrew’s latest album “On A Day Like Today”. Available for download here.

Andrew continues to write and perform contemporary folk music and this album is a compilation of his latest songs.

By clicking the link below you can sample each track and purchase either individual tracks or the whole album!

“I’ve listened to your new album a couple of times now. It starts with a superb song and just keeps on going. Well done!
The guitar playing is crisp and your vocal performances are melodic. Vocal + solo guitar albums are a big challenge, but the variety in your tracks keep the interest going and no duds. Quite an achievement. The instrumentals are a great diversion.
The Cheviot has the ghost of John Fahey at his best in there. More listening sessions coming up. The most important part is played by your lyrics. Very concise and poetic ( another difficult combination ) keeping listeners with you right to the end of the songs.” – Matt Taylor