Border Lines Reviewed On Amazon


amazon200compThe following independent review of Border Lines was added to The Amazon Website on June 22nd 2013 by Simon Reed

The fortunate among you will already know earlier albums which along the way have celebrated many of the familiar Northern saints.

On this latest release Andrew embraces completely the Northumbrian heritage singer element of his writing with a series of tales linked by the themes of journeying and borders.

The album opens with the beautiful “Border Love.” Ally Lee’s production captures perfectly the tone and intricacy of Andrew’s guitar playing and the disarming gentleness of his voice.

That gentleness sounds a little incongruous on “Border Reivers” with its tale of night time murder and mayhem but then it draws you in all the more.

“Herring Girls” and “Flitherpickers” enter a bygone world, the latter entering the kind of subject matter explored by Kate Rusby – a woman’s perspective on loved ones gone to war.

“Grandad’s Gone” crosses a different kind of border, that of death itself, with a tongue in cheek description of old-time funeral customs.

Listen and learn! Celtic spirituality is rooted in a sense of place and of finding the precious in the ordinary.

In an age of fifteen minute fame and superficial celebrity, this is music with real roots. Enjoy.