Next Gig Is Thursday 18th June At Bailiffgate Museum, Alnwick


bailiffgate300comp‘Celebrate Poetry and Music…

…with cake and happiness at no extra cost

Thursday 18th June we celebrate our two year anniversary with one of the North East’s finest poetry champions, Sheila Wakefield. Sheila is a poet, editor and publisher. She writes colourful beautiful poetry with a clear sense of purpose. She is astute and sometimes very funny. The poetry is accessible without being obvious. She lives surrounded by red squirrels and is definitely one of my favourite poets. Ditto for the squirrels.

She is the founding editor of Red Squirrel Press and has published over 120 pamphlets or books. On Thursday she will present new poems and a short story. She has also kindly offered to answer questions about getting your own work published or how to publish yourself.

We are also lucky to have local folk musician Andrew Lobb performing. Andrew’s storytelling songs range from themes such as border reivers to the east coast herring fishermen, or of a local man who would cycle 30 miles and back to court his true love. His music captures the images of the people and places of the North East and guides us there perfectly. His music has great feeling and depth. As well as this he may play some harder songs of now- those written as a reminder that the world needs improvement and direction; those written for the awakening of our collective consciousness. He is a great musician by anyone’s standard.

There will be informal poetry open event where anyone can read work of their own or of their favourite poet’s in a beautiful environment. The event is relaxed and supportive, and everyone is welcome.’