What a Nice Message – Thank You!


13th July 2015 Woodhorn Museum, Ashington

well done300compDear Andrew,

Just wanted to express how much our ‘almost private concert’ at Woodhorn Museum meant to us all! We saw you there a couple of weeks ago, quite by chance. You probably remember us, we were obviously loving every minute of it, sitting in the front, enthralled. You sent my friend Premila (Indian lady who was in Uni in Newcastle in the 60’s) into a ‘zone of memories’…music has a way of doing that but only in the right hands!

As for me, you music completely speaks of my longing for Northumberland. My parents left when I was 8 years of age seeking better employment opportunities with the demise of shipbuilding in North East. I have always felt bereft of my homeland as my mother did, perhaps her emotions were simply passed on to me. As an adult I have been able to rediscover Northumberland and return each year, it refreshes my ‘soul’. This year there was the added bonus of having your music matching my feelings for home so well.

Showing my friends around and seeing their genuine appreciation of the places and people I love was just wonderful. We are getting together this week in London where will enjoy dinner and your music! I will take my pipes with me if only to show them how difficult they are to play!!!

So thank you, thank you. Keep doing what you’re doing!

Kindest regards

Annie x (Celia, Peter and Premila)